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Pepeha Animation DLO term 1



Hello Everyone! This is my DLO animation for term 1! This term our DLO (digital Learning Object) Was about our Pepeha. First we had to do some Whakapapa slides with our Te Reo teacher Whaea saf then we had to animate our DLO onto Photopea or google slides, I chose to do mine on Google slides because I find it more easier to animate on google slides rather than Photopea. this terms DLO was easy but not a quick task because you have to ask your parents for information about your Maunga, Awa, Moana, Waka, Iwi, Marae, your Grandparents name, your parents names, your teacher, your age, and the school you go to. But overall finding out information about my family was easy.


My highlight for this task was getting it completed and blogged before my teacher marks it, Another highlight of mine was animating the plane, people, and cars, I find animating fun and interesting to do especially on google slides and photopea. ANOTHER highlight of mine was finding the images for these slides (sorry if their blurry). I found it fun because I got to chose all the pictures that were going to be put inside of these slides.


And my lowlight was not getting to record myself saying my mihi while the slides were playing. Another lowlight of mine was not being able to animate on photopea, I started animating on photopea but then gave up because I found out that animating on photopea was going to take more time then the time my teacher marks my DLO but I guess animating on google slides was more easier and a simpler way of animating.


Thank you all for watching my DLO animation and reading my Task description about my DLO. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Have a great day or have a great night GOODBYE!!!

Easter Weekend

What does Easter mean to you/your family?

To me and my family Easter is about Jesus’s Resurrection, Easter is also about Jesus’s love, purpose, and peace for us, and is also about spending time with your family, NOT Chocolate eggs and the Easter bunny.

What did you/your family do in the long weekend to celebrate Easter?

In the Weekend to celebrate Easter, we had a bbq for dinner, We had Beef, Lamb chops, Salad, Shrimp, Potato Salad, Chicken patties, and Sausages. My auntie, Cousin, and Nan came to celebrate with us as well!

What are you looking forward to do in the Holidays?

I am Looking forward to sleep in, Eat, watch movies, Go out with my family, Chatting with my friends. and so much more!