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Futuristic ideas (tinkercad)

Hello everyone! I have finished my extension project for term 4! I made a Teleportation machine. What we had to do was brainstorm our ideas on a piece of paper, then we had to Write about the main purpose and the positives and negatives of our project, After that we started using tinker cad and built our ideas in a 3D app called tinker cad. In my opinion this project was fun to do because we got to use our imagination and we got to create anything we want that will help us in the future. I hope you enjoyed this slide show GOODBYE!!

The triangle – Maths task

Todays maths task was all about the different types of Triangles! This task was both hard and easy, What I found a little hard was the names of the triangles, and the names of the angles, but the rest was SUPER easy. I hope our teacher could still give us hard work but it fine if she doesn’t BUT anyways Hope you enjoy my slide show! GOODBYE!!!