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Room 8 – Reciprocal Response to Text (Tonga)

Hello today I have Finished my Reading response, As you can tell We learnt about Tonga since it is Tongan Language week, it was really fun! what I really liked was the Facts and the Summarising because i got to learn new interesting facts, and what was really hard for me was the Clarifications because it was really hard to get tricky words but I got over it! But anyways Make sure to go and check it! have a great day bye!

I can’t imagine my life without…

Things I can’t imagine my life without…  

I picked:

  • Food: I can’t imagine my life without food because food is really important to me because if there were no food I would starve.

  • School: I can’t imagine my life without school because if there was no school at all than people would learn nothing and stay dumb.

  •  Trees & plants: I can’t imagine my life without trees & plants because if there were no trees and plants you can’t breathe oxygen. And if there were no plants you wouldn’t be able to grow plants.


Response to text – Tuatai Literacy Task

Hello welcome back to my blog today I have finished my response to text as you can see the article I read was Tuatai it is a Plane based story where a boy named Lagi also named Tigi-I-lagi but his friends call him stinky. this story is about a boy going on a plane by himself to visit his Grandma in Samoa he meets the pilot and the flight attendant they have a little talk and set off. It was really fun to do and I really liked doing this and I really hope I can do this again. Hope you enjoy this presentation!