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Futuristic ideas (tinkercad)

Hello everyone! I have finished my extension project for term 4! I made a Teleportation machine. What we had to do was brainstorm our ideas on a piece of paper, then we had to Write about the main purpose and the positives and negatives of our project, After that we started using tinker cad and built our ideas in a 3D app called tinker cad. In my opinion this project was fun to do because we got to use our imagination and we got to create anything we want that will help us in the future. I hope you enjoyed this slide show GOODBYE!!

Snack holder DLO

★ Hello everyone! Today I am blogging my DLO for term 4! This term were studying TECHNOLOGY. We were asking the question,  ‘What can we design, build, create or change to improve school life at Pt England School?’  we brainstormed our ideas on what we are going to build to help Pt england school. I was in a group with Victoria, Manaia, Raewyn and Mary, we named our group Care.

Our group Care decided to build a snack holder to prevent the school free lunches and the snacks from going in peoples tote trays, and on their desks. First we had to list all of the materials we were going to use to build the snack holder, then the teachers went shopping to buy the materials for all students. Then we had to get our materials out of the green room and measure them. Then we took our wood to Mr Wiseman to cut our wood. After that we nailed our wood pieces together after we painted our snack holder, we finished our DLO. My highlight for this project was finishing this project on time and also painting the snack holder. I also didn’t have any low lights for this task. Make sure to go check out my group cares DLO video, Goodbye ★

Word up

Hello everyone! I know I haven’t blogged in a long time but this is my maths task for today! this maths task was about using different operations to use to figure out the answer to the word problems. This maths was easy for me, I finished this very quickly and easily, I wish this task would be more harder in my opinion.But either ways I know thats not gonna happen so GOODBYE AND THANK YOU FOR READING THIS AND LOOKING AT MY BLOG POST.