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Fit for Purpose

This morning we had an Immersion assembly. The topic for this term is “Fit for purpose” this Korero means that we should eat healthy do some exercise and be loyal to our friends. We had 6 teams perform! What they had to do was come up with a movie or skit and perform it in front of the whole school, My favourite team that performed was Team 5! I found it funny because Mr Wiseman’s accent was very posh and hilarious, his outfit was super funny as well! but either way I think all the teams were amazing and super confident!! This term im gonna work on my fitness!!

Adjectives, Adverbs, and Similes (Writing T4 W2)

Hello today I have finished my Literacy work! What we had to do was to use Adjectives, Adverbs, and Similes which was super fun to do! what I really liked doing was the Rewriting for Improvement because I like to rewrite things that don’t make sense, I always love to add Adverbs, Adjectives and similes because it make the story or paragraph make more sense! But overall I liked every thing! Hope you all enjoy! as I will see you guys later! BYE FOR NOW 👍 👍 👍

Room 8 – Reciprocal Response to Text (Tonga)

Hello today I have Finished my Reading response, As you can tell We learnt about Tonga since it is Tongan Language week, it was really fun! what I really liked was the Facts and the Summarising because i got to learn new interesting facts, and what was really hard for me was the Clarifications because it was really hard to get tricky words but I got over it! But anyways Make sure to go and check it! have a great day bye!