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NZ timelines

Hello everyone! Today I have finished my extention task! In this task we had to order all of the little sentences from this text (Link: https://www.sciencelearn.org.nz/resources/1599-our-changing-ecosystems-timeline) from top to bottom! in my opinion this task was quite easy and hard because it was difficult to find in the text. But anyways thats all for today! Have a good day GOODBYE!!

Research on…

This week during extension we read texts about saving the world, We then had to choose one slide to research our book on, the book that I was reading was called “Saving the world in one swipe” by Peter Griffin. This book was interesting, this text was about Helping people who have major disabilities communicate with loved ones, making it easier for everyday NZ’s to fund the projects they care about, and how we can empower everyone to detect signs of skin cancer earlier than before. This slide was hard and fun to do. Hope to see you guys next time bye!!

Futuristic ideas

This week for extension we are thinking of things that will help us in the future. This means we have to think big, think outside the box. We had to write about the good things and bad things of the thing we thought about. What I thought about was a teleportation Machine! This will help us alot in the future. But don’t expect it to help us with good things only, It can help us with bad things aswell, it can help robbers break into houses, Paparazzi stalk celebrities, and terrorists can misuse it. Well I guess thats it for today so GOODBYE!!

Dear new government… (extension term 3)

Last Week for our extension lesson, our teacher made a new jam board to teach us about the issues from different age groups, the age groups were 11-13 year olds, Parents,Aunts,uncle and Teachers, 65+, and the last one was Toddlers. What we had to do was make our own little sticky notes and write some issues that effected the different age groups. My groups color was Pink, I was working with Zaria, Hailey, and Victoria. in the last slide We added toddlers because if we look at all age groups we might as well look at toddlers issues, yes they are only 3-5 but they have the same issues as the rest of the age groups. Next time we are going to use this information our project for this term! but anyways GOODBYE!!!