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Word up

Hello everyone! I know I haven’t blogged in a long time but this is my maths task for today! this maths task was about using different operations to use to figure out the answer to the word problems. This maths was easy for me, I finished this very quickly and easily, I wish this task would be more harder in my opinion.But either ways I know thats not gonna happen so GOODBYE AND THANK YOU FOR READING THIS AND LOOKING AT MY BLOG POST.

Sensational Subtraction 2

Sensational Subtraction
We are learning to solve subtraction problems using whole and decimal numbers.

Your sister gives you $125 to spend on lollies. If you spend $65 how much money would you have left over?

Jayla has bought her sister a new puppy. She has $500 in her bank account as she heads to the shops.

She first buys a dog bed for $60. How much money does she have left?
She then buys a bowl for $25. How much does she have left?
Then she buys 3 chew toys. Each toy costs $3.50. How much does she have left?
Finally she buys a diamond collar for the dog which costs $154.50. How much is left in her account at the end of the day? $250

Kalani’s python has become ill and needs to go to the vets. He has $100 in his wallet.
The cost of the vet visit is $65.50. How much money is left in Kalani’s wallet?

Zyla’s puppy is growing every month. He used to weigh 5.6 kg but he now weighs 6.3 kg. How much weight has he put on?

0.7 Kg


Hello there for today’s simple maths task we have Sensational Subtraction, this task was very easy and I think it can speak for itself so yea. What I really liked about this task was the working out but because I love to do algorithm, but the part that I hated was the Adding for me I got really confused but anyways  I got to go so I am just gonna say my final goodbyes for so yea HAVE A NICE DAY GOODBYE!!!!

Infinity Maths Problems

Hello and good morning today I have finished my maths work for the morning! Basically all we had to do was do addition, subtraction, Multiply, and divide. To me this was very easy because I have done this before in year 6. But since I am bad at explaining Im going to go do some other work now so HAVE A GOOD DAY GOOOOODBYEE!!!