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Shapes are Everywhere!

Hello everyone today I have finished my maths task for the day today we were learning about 2D shapes this task was easy to do. What we had to do was to describe a shape EX: “A square has four sides and has four corners all sides are equal and its interior angles are 90 degrees.” and on the last slide we had to guess what shape it was we had to figure it out by looking at the clues our teacher gave us on that slide it was very easy to do once again I hope our teacher can move me up a group though… But anyways GOODBYE!!

WODB – Shapes

Task description: Today I have finished my maths task for today and this task was about finding out which shape doesn’t belong? This task was really easy and fun to do and I liked how this was a challenge for me and my group to do for maths. I also liked how this task asked me questions about shapes and I had to figure out which one didn’t belong, I enjoyed doing this task and I hope to do this task again. Thank you for looking at this blog post I hope you enjoyed it bye!