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Adjectives, Adverbs, and Similes (Writing T4 W2)

Hello today I have finished my Literacy work! What we had to do was to use Adjectives, Adverbs, and Similes which was super fun to do! what I really liked doing was the Rewriting for Improvement because I like to rewrite things that don’t make sense, I always love to add Adverbs, Adjectives and similes because it make the story or paragraph make more sense! But overall I liked every thing! Hope you all enjoy! as I will see you guys later! BYE FOR NOW 👍 👍 👍

My Opinion Writting

Hello welcome back to my Blog today we learnt about Video games. We had to learn about if Video games should be taught in school here is my Writing task Hope you like it!


In the space below begin your writing;


I will Argue That video games should be taught in school. To support my Argument I will use 

Three points;

 school can teach you how to play Calmly instead of raging and Swearing.

 It can  help you communicate with other people.

You can Practise gaining your skills and participate in an E-sports tournament and Stream on twitch to make money.


Firstly, I think Gaming should Be taught in school because It could teach us how to play more calmly instead of raging over little things, Cyberbullying and violence.But if we don’t learn about Video games then lots of people will get High blood pressure and stress which is not good for anyone .


Secondly, Gaming can also help Mental illness like Anxiety and Depression 

 By realising your stress by Playing with friends to make you feel better rather than being sad. 


Lastly, I agree with this because if we were taught Video Games in school then We could Gain our skills and participate in an E-Sports Tournament and Win because of what we learnt in school. You can also make money from Streaming on twitch while playing Video Games. This is good Because you can Communicate with other people in the game and Make friends

We could also learn Video Games in school to teach other people how to play and Become 

Good like other Twitch Streamers and players.