Tag: Science

Melting chocolate

Today Me, Victoria, and Eleni made shapes out of melted chocolate, our teacher Ms Stone melted the chocolate in our school microwave for 45 seconds she mixed the chocolate with strawberry jam and put the chocolate back into the microwave! when it was one of the people in my group had to pour the chocolate into the piping bag, then we had to use the bag full of chocolate to shape the chocolate it was I thought it was very fun to do, Anyways after the chocolate had set my group ate it well only Eleni did but thats still fine, Thank you Ms Stone for letting us do this experiment it was really fun and I hop we do it again any time soon, so GOODBYE!!!

Experiment Day 1

Hello there, today I have finished my science experiment for the day! It was very fun to do I enjoyed it very much, we made Ooblek, I found out that it is a non-Newtonian fluid it is basically two forms of matter formed together, this both a solid and liquid because when you tap it it will dry up onto your finger, and then when you put your hand in it, it melts and feels like slime, but anyways since the answers are basically on the slides I’m just going to go now so GOODBYE!!

Hello world!

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