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Hello, For the last 2 weeks we have been doing some little skits about anger and Frustration. We did this on Thursday and Monday, I wasn’t there on Monday to do but I was here on Thursday! We did this in groups. The first thing we had to do was bustops. We did this in groups. The people in my group were Lui and Lanette, We all had our own question and we had to write some suggestions on how to calm people down when Angry or Frustrated, Then we would rotate. The next thing we did was our skits. We all changed groups, the people in my new group were Zaria, and Jabal. We did a skit on Responding and reacting. We all found this fun. My lowlight about this was not understanding the meaning of Responding and reacting, and my highlight was actually understanding it.

Hall of fame Maths Whizz

HI GUYS!! As you can see I have made to the hall of fame in Maths whizz! The hall of fame is something where when you finish all your maths whizz progressions and rubys you get to the hall of fame! Doing this wasn’t really easy I had to do heaps of math assesments and tests to get this. I had eventualy ended up getting 6 progressions and 6 rubys! My favourite thing about the hall of fame was seeing all my friends in the hall of fame. Next time I’m going to aim for Master, as I am only a Apprentice. GOODBYE!!

The triangle – Maths task

Todays maths task was all about the different types of Triangles! This task was both hard and easy, What I found a little hard was the names of the triangles, and the names of the angles, but the rest was SUPER easy. I hope our teacher could still give us hard work but it fine if she doesn’t BUT anyways Hope you enjoy my slide show! GOODBYE!!!


Today I have finished my task description, It was about Polygons! the first challenge was to count the perimeter and add it on each polygon, the next task we had to name all the types of polygons, and the last task we had to make our own shape and describe how many vertices sides and degrees it has. This task was very easy and quick to do! I hope one day our teacher can move me up a group because right now I am in the lowest maths group! but anyways thats enough Hope you enjoyed it GOODBYE!!

Shapes are Everywhere!

Hello everyone today I have finished my maths task for the day today we were learning about 2D shapes this task was easy to do. What we had to do was to describe a shape EX: “A square has four sides and has four corners all sides are equal and its interior angles are 90 degrees.” and on the last slide we had to guess what shape it was we had to figure it out by looking at the clues our teacher gave us on that slide it was very easy to do once again I hope our teacher can move me up a group though… But anyways GOODBYE!!