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Skiing in Afghanistan

Hello today i have finished 1 of my reading tasks. The book we read was called “Skiing in Afghanistan” This book was about a man who was a blogger and one day he asked his friends if he wanted to go on a trip to Afghanistan with him. His friends said “No because inset skiing in Afghanistan is dangerous” So after that they go skiing in Afghanistan. This book was a good book but it wasn’t my favorite as I have heaps of other favorite books. But that’s it for this blog so GOODBYE!!

Gender roles cartoon

Hello everyone welcome back, today I have finished my literacy work! what we had to do was describe who the author was, what the story was about, and what I think of the story. This task was very Fun to do I wouldn’t say easy because I didn’t knpw all of the questions but besides that it was fun. but since I’m running out of time to talk GOODBYEE!!!

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