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Futuristic ideas (tinkercad)

Hello everyone! I have finished my extension project for term 4! I made a Teleportation machine. What we had to do was brainstorm our ideas on a piece of paper, then we had to Write about the main purpose and the positives and negatives of our project, After that we started using tinker cad and built our ideas in a 3D app called tinker cad. In my opinion this project was fun to do because we got to use our imagination and we got to create anything we want that will help us in the future. I hope you enjoyed this slide show GOODBYE!!

Dear future leaders

Dear future Parliament,
Firstly to start this off on behalf of everyone, I would like to say thank you for all your hard work and everything you’re doing for our education and our furniture but there are some things us kids are unsure and concerned about, this is because we feel our voices aren’t really being heard and us children have questions and we’re reaching out in hope for answers. And as our prime minister it’s your responsibility to listen to our voices yet only kids at the age of 18 or over can vote, but what about us: 10-17 year olds. Because anything you do as our new leader will affect us growing up and our future. And not only us but the new generation and the one after that. As children a lot of times we are just misunderstood and our voices are covered, and we demand we are heard. I think that they should at least consider our opinions and hear our voices, because this affects us and the next generation more than our parents or grandparents. Just because our voices are small doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be heard. And I’m not trying to be rude but it’s something that should be taken under consideration.

Dear future leaders,
On behalf of everyone, Thank you for the amazing things you have done for us. We appreciate it, but there are some issues that are not being spoken of as much as they should. Our next generations are not looking good with all these horrible things that are happening to our planet, Climate change, global warming, like the fires in Hawaii, and the bushfires in Australia that happened a couple of years ago. animals going extinct, deadly diseases, pollution…! And somebody needs to be a voice for our future generations since they don’t yet have a voice and cannot be heard. We cannot be heard because we cannot vote in elections as we have to be 18 or older. And we know this might be for the best but you should still consider our ideas and opinions as it will affect us more in the future than you grown ups. Talking about earth… Our planet might not stay in a healthy living environment for long, the air is getting humid, and deadly diseases are becoming more popular, Covid 19 is just one example for these diseases. our leaders are the people who have the biggest say on these issues but are still the ones who make the little mistakes that have the big outcomes. Don’t get us wrong, we love what you do and all the time and effort you put into your job to make New Zealand a better place. But please think about the voices who cannot be heard before you make decisions.

Kensi .
Dear Government,
Thank you for all the hard work you do to educate us and for our future, but as a student and child growing up in this generation, I have some questions: Why is everything super super expensive?
On behalf of us Kids, I would just like to talk about how important education is to all ages of people, that means from babies to the elderly. First I would just like to give you some suggestions, In my opinion School taxes should be lower so that families who aren’t doing well for their kids can afford it, also uniform Stationary should be provided at school only and should be sold for $10 or $20 dollars at least, Government, all im asking you to do is make school taxes and everything else cheap, I mean look at all the poor children struggling to learn


Dear Government,
On behalf of the children from this Generation, I would like to say thank you for what you have done. Now I’m not trying to blame anyone but I blame you! You are Making people feel bad because some of them can not afford things these days. Gas prices and food prices are going up and it is driving people crazy. Parents having to work extra hours for the bare minimum all to do what? Feed their children and make sure that they are okay. Now I’m not trying to say anything but I am just trying to prove a point! All of our lives are in your hands. You are the future leaders and you need to be making the right descion for not only us children but our families. Life is getting harder.


Good morning everyone! last term for extension manaiakalani movie we have been designing our script for our movie to see what it would look like. We did this in groups of 3-4, the people in my group were Victoria, Hailey and Zaria. GOODBYE!!