Thank you KPMG and Synergy Health!

Hi KPMG and synergy health! its Me Kensi I came to your building with my extension class!
I would just like to say thank you for the activities we did, and for the food! it was a big privilege to come to visit.
This trip was really really fun! I hope I can see you guys again some time. My favourite part of the trip was the food it was so yummy and delicous! my favourite food there was the Chicken sushi!

That was the yummiest thing there, also thank you for the go-gadgets they are very cool! I have reached up to 587 steps! These are really fun but anyways Bye!!

Yours sincerely Kensi

2 thoughts on “Thank you KPMG and Synergy Health!

  1. Hi Kensi,
    It’s me your best friend Victoria, And I just wanted to say that I enjoyed looking at your amazing blog post, Because It looked like you and the rest of Extension class had a lot of fun at KPMG! Your Pedometers look really interesting what can they do? And What was your favourite thing at KPMG? Keep up the good work!👍

  2. Wow Kensi i I loved your post it looks like you really enjoyed our KPMG trip. and the go-gadgets we got from synergy health. What was your favourite part about this trip? My favourite part was the food.😋

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