Year: 2023

Skiing in Afghanistan

Hello today i have finished 1 of my reading tasks. The book we read was called “Skiing in Afghanistan” This book was about a man who was a blogger and one day he asked his friends if he wanted to go on a trip to Afghanistan with him. His friends said “No because inset skiing in Afghanistan is dangerous” So after that they go skiing in Afghanistan. This book was a good book but it wasn’t my favorite as I have heaps of other favorite books. But that’s it for this blog so GOODBYE!!

Cybersmart challenge: Think before you share

Today in class we did Cybersmart This task was about Thinking before sharing, We had to drag and drop photos that go in Public and Private information! My highlight about this task was understanding what not to to share on the internet and what to share! I know this doesn’t make sense but thats the best I can explain! my lowlight was NOTHING. GOODBYE!!


Hello, For the last 2 weeks we have been doing some little skits about anger and Frustration. We did this on Thursday and Monday, I wasn’t there on Monday to do but I was here on Thursday! We did this in groups. The first thing we had to do was bustops. We did this in groups. The people in my group were Lui and Lanette, We all had our own question and we had to write some suggestions on how to calm people down when Angry or Frustrated, Then we would rotate. The next thing we did was our skits. We all changed groups, the people in my new group were Zaria, and Jabal. We did a skit on Responding and reacting. We all found this fun. My lowlight about this was not understanding the meaning of Responding and reacting, and my highlight was actually understanding it.