Day: March 15, 2022

Response to text

Food in China – Questions


Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) How often do Chinese people buy fresh vegetables and fruit?

  1. a) Once a week b) Once a month
  2. c) Every 2 hours d)  Once a day

2) Chinese food consists of which four food groups?

  1. a) grains, vegetables, beans, and meat b) fruit, vegetables, beans, and meat
  2. c)  grains, fruit, vegetables, and meat d) grains, vegetables, fruit, and beans.

3) Rice is eaten more in…?

  1. a) Eastern China b) Northern China
  2. c) Southern China d) Western China

4) Why do Chinese people not eat a lot of milk & dairy products?

  1. a) They think it’s yuck b) They don’t have cows in China
  2. c) They are lactose intolerant d) They are allergic to cows

5) In a Chinese diet how many meals will contain rice?

  1. a) None b) Some
  2. c) Most d) All

6) What happens to someone who does not eat all of their rice?

  1. a) They die b) They marry someone with a pimply face
  2. c) They will have 10 years of bad luck d) None of the above

7) Every grain of rice is described as “a hardship of labour”. What do those words mean?

Hardship Definition:  Severe suffering or privation.
Labour Definition: Hard work.

8) What do you think is meant by “a hardship of labour” now?

I Think it means Hard Work.

EXTRA)  Do your family practice using tea or different herbs to help with health? If they do, tell me about them!

I use Some Vix for my sore throats or hayfever.