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Response to text.

Zimbabwe – Questions



Highlight the correct answer for each question.




1) Where in Africa is Zimbabwe?

  1. a) East Africa b) South Africa
  2. c) West Africa d) North Africa


2) The official currency of Zimbabwe is?

  1. a) The New Zealand Dollar b) The UK Pound
  2. c) The United States Dollar d) The Australian Dollar


3) What is the capital city of Zimbabwe?

  1. a) Mutare b) Harare
  2. c) Bulawayo d) Gweru


4) What are the falls called in Zimbabwe?

  1. a) Elizabeth Falls b) Victor Falls
  2. c) Victoria Falls d) Charles Falls


5) Which country does not border Zimbabwe

  1. a) Mozambique b) Kenya
  2. c) Botswana d) South Africa


6) What is the national animal of Zimbabwe?

  1. a) African Lion b) Pangolin
  2. c) Nile crocodile d) Sable Antelope


7) “Worms are considered to be a pest in Zimbabwe”

  1. a) True b) False


8) Which attraction in Zimbabwe is listed as one of the seven natural wonders of the world?

  1. a) Chinhoyi Caves b) Great Zimbabwe National Monument
  2. c) Matobo National Park d) Victoria Falls


9) What are the languages spoken in Zimbabwe?

Chewa,Chibarwe,English,Kalanga,Koisan,Nambya,Ndau,Ndebele,Shangani,Sign language,Sotho,Tonga,Tswana,Venda and Xhosa.


10) What else have you learned about Zimbabwe?

That they can speak 16 languages and that they eat worms.


Response to text

Beijing, China – Questions



Highlight the correct answer for each question.




1)  How long has Beijing been China’s centre for Government?

  1. a)  Almost 20 years b) Almost 200 years

     c)Almost 800 years d)  Almost 80 years


2) Which two rivers does Beijing sit between?

  1. a) Yongding and Yellow Rivers b)  Yangtze and Yellow Rivers
  2. c)  Chobai and Yangtze RIvers d)  Yongding and Chobai Rivers


3) After not letting people in for hundreds of years, what is the Forbidden City now?

  1. a) A theme park b) A government building
  2. c) A museum d) A military base


4) Which of Beijing’s Parks contains the “Temple of Heaven”?

  1. a)  Beihai Park b)  Tiantan Park
  2. c)  Tiananmen Square d)  Cornwall Park


5)  Who was the leader responsible for naming Beijing “Dadu” in the 1200’s?

  1. a)  Vladimir Putin b)  Donald Trump
  2. c) Kublai Khan d) Ghengis Khan


6) Tiananmen Square is one of the most famous places in Beijing, but what is a “Tiananmen”?

Tianmen is translated to Heaven’s gate mountain.


7) Beijing does something that is “unlike” other big cities – what is it?


Beijing makes clothes, cars, Electronics, computers and Machinery while other Big cities are farmers and grow fruits and vegetables.


8) Do you think it is important for countries to look after ancient and old places like The Forbidden City?

 Explain your answer in 2 or more sentences

I think it is important to look after ancient buildings because they could have some really valuable stuff and also because there could be different histories to how our countries grew better and bigger.