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Timeline of protests in Aotearoa

 Hello there! welcome back to my blog. Today I have finished my extension  work with Miss Burton. This was kind of fun and easy because all we had to do was copy the board and right down the answer. but thats all I have to say for now since im going to move onto another task Miss Burton assigned us. Well BYE!


Fakalofa lahi atu My name is Kensi and today I have finished my maths task! what we had to do was find the definition to these different math simbols for me this was really easy because I know how to do this before. But at the same time this only just a starter task for this year you will be able to see more harder and fun through out the year. so now this is my goodbye for now so BYE!!

About me 2023

Fakalofa lahi atu My name is Kensi. I’m from the Cook Islands and Niue. I’m a year 7 currently attending Point England school. I have 3 sisters and a little brother named AJ. What I enjoy doing is music, art, Netball and origami.  I also LOVE my phone To be honest. My friends are Cing Cing and Victoria we are best friends forever! I also have a cousin who goes to the same school as me. His name is Odyn. He is in the same year and class as me! Anyways that’s all about me, hope you enjoyed, see you later!

Adjectives, Adverbs, and Similes (Writing T4 W2)

Hello today I have finished my Literacy work! What we had to do was to use Adjectives, Adverbs, and Similes which was super fun to do! what I really liked doing was the Rewriting for Improvement because I like to rewrite things that don’t make sense, I always love to add Adverbs, Adjectives and similes because it make the story or paragraph make more sense! But overall I liked every thing! Hope you all enjoy! as I will see you guys later! BYE FOR NOW 👍 👍 👍

Invisible string

Hello its me the queen of beauty.
Welcome to my blog today I have finished another one of my immersion rotation tasks I have finished Mrs Tuia’s Task which was super fun i loved how I got to take a picture of myself and put it on the slide but overall I loved this whole task anyways hope you guys enjoy and I will see you guys later! bye!

The Best Holiday…Ever (Key Language Task) (L3)

Hello welcome back to my blog since its been a while since I blogged I have finished my Reading task! what I had enjoyed most about this was the highlighting the words and phrases, But it wasn’t to easy because of how we had to read the actual text to kinda get the answers but over all this whole thing was fun!