Y7&8 Extension – Fashion

Hello there, welcome back to my blog! I have finished my extention work for today! what we had to do was write the definition of Social Consciousness, Cultural appropriation, sustainability, and Anything else like fashion and culture! we aslo had to things that relate to these things in fashion, we all had fun, the people in my group were Eleni and Victoria. now that we have finished we are now blogging! hope we will do this again sometime but besides that im going to go so GOODBYE!!

One thought on “Y7&8 Extension – Fashion

  1. Hi there Kensi, I really enjoyed this blog post that you have posted. It is really interesting and cool that you and others in the yr 7&8 extension were looking at topics that relate to social conscious, This topic is very important and i am glad that you and others are talking about this. This is a great blog post that you have posted, good job!👍 🫶

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