Month: March 2023

Summery of the NZ Land wars

NZ Land Wars: A lot of these Land wars were happening in between the 1840’s and the 1870’s, they were mostly called Musket wars. The Land wars only happened because of the Maori Land, they also happened because the British government wanted to break the Treaty.

Some more things about Land Wars: British and Colonial forces fought to open the Interior of the North Island for settlement in Conflicts that became known Collectively as the NZ Wars.

Letter about The Landlady by Roald Dahl Main characters POV

Hello there, today I have finished my writing task for Literacy! All we had to do was write a letter about “The landlady By Roald Dahl” and the main characters point of view!! I found this fun because of how we could add our own plot twists, You can get some inspiration since we all had to add suspense, tension, and foreshadowing. You can check my letter while I go so GOODBYE!!


Dear Mr Mark,

I just got off the Swindon train at 9:00pm. The ride was calm and elegan , I got off the train as usual, and started to walk down a street named “Colon Road” the first thing I saw was a poster saying “bed and Breakfast” I was so tired so I went to the place, the first thing I saw in the window was a small dog laying down in front of the fireplace, I knocked on the door and a short old lady who looked like she was in her 80’s answered she had let me in and welcomed me to my room, I had unpacked my stuff and headed down stairs, one thing I found strange was that she kept offering me some tea even though I never drink it, I still drank it though don’t want to be rude, but anyways she kept on looking at me while I was drinking my tea, strange right, she told me to sign a guest book, there were 2 other people there who signed 2-3 years ago their names were Christopher Mullholland and Gregory W Temple, she said they were still here on the third floor sharing the room together, I swear I heard their names before, I didnt think much and just carried on drinking my tea. I looked around because of how awkward it was just sipping my tea, I asked about those two people who signed the guest book, she said that Christopher Mullholand was 17 the same age as me, she also said that he looks fine and young, I found that weird, I asked about Gregory Temple she said something weird about his body something to do with his clean skin, and how he doesn’t have a single blemish on his body, it was almost like she was spying on him in the shower or even spying on him when he was getting changed.  My head it’s starting to Hurt I think she put something in my drink like poison or a drug, I feel  light headed. She put poison in my drink!! She is standing there in front of me holding something I can’t tell my eyesight is blurry *Passes out* 


Infinity Mixed and Improper Fractions

Hello there, welcome back to my blog. Today I have finished/accomplished another maths task for the day!! we had to do mixed and Improper fractions they were very easy to do but some I needed a little bit of help  from my friend Cing Cing credits to her for the help!! But anyways I have basically explained everything so go and check out GOODBYE!!


Hello there, today I have finished my Maths task for today! we basically did fractions and stuff so yeah! it was really fun to do and my favourite part was doing the Multiplication working out!! but yea since ive basically explained the whole thing im just going to go now so GOODBYE!!

Fractions with playdoh

Hello there today me and my maths group infinity have finished our maths task! we basically did fractions but with playdoh! to do this task we had to cut two equal peaces which made 2/2, then we had to cut it in halve which made it into 4/4 and so on. For me it was easy and my favourite part was making the slices and cutting them into equal peaces, but right now im going to go since im going to another maths task for today so GOODBYE!


BMF 3 Infinity

Hello there, welcome back to my blog today I have finished my maths task today, it was very simple all we had to do was our 4 times tables and some questions as you can see. It was very easy in my opinion so yeah i’m not gonna say much so yea GOODBYE!!!

Maths worksheet

Hello there I have finished another one of my maths task it was easy and fun to do! but as you can see from my pictures I took it looks very hard but its actually not you should try it yourself but usually I would explain a lot but for now im just gonna end it off right here so GOODBYE!!!