Day: July 6, 2022

KPMG thank you letter

 Dear KPMG Sophia

My name is Kensi and I am in Room 7 at Point England School. Last week on Tuesday the 28th of June,we went to MOTAT. I am writing this letter to thank you for being a helper during our school trip. 

My favourite part of MOTAT was Block coding, because you could program it to fight with other peoples Mbots, I also liked how we could build armour using Lego. Something else I enjoyed at MOTAT was the tram ride because we could learn facts about the tram like how many trams there were in Auckland, and how they transferred to different countries.

I really appreciate you helping us at MOTAT because you were helping us with coding and telling us interesting things about the rooms and how they worked.

I liked how our group got to code with the help of you guys because it was very difficult and it was our first time ever coding our first working robot.

Thank you for your help Sophia





Hello welcome back to my blog, I am writting this letter to my Leader Sophie for MOTAT because my leader was A volunteer from KPMG so I just wanna thank her for looking after us So here is my letter Have a nice day!